Aim and Objectives

The overall aim of CryptQ is to

  • develop a robust and low-cost quantum cryptographic system that can be integrated into the telecom infrastructure
  • make technology ready for transfer to industry and tests in large–scale applications

To successfully reach the aim, the following list of primary objectives for CryptQ has been defined:

  • Design and engineer a continuous variable (CV) quantum key distribution (QKD) demonstrator
  • Design and implement a QKD specific key management system (KMS)
  • Develop a ‘quantum ready’ Ethernet encryptor/decryptor.
  • Develop a complete system by integrating the CV-QKD demonstrator with the KMS and the encryptor/encryptor
  • Validate the performance and security in the lab
  • Demonstrate operation in the field with two end-users
  • Demonstrate a substantial cost-reduction in transmitter and receiver by photonic integration
  • Develop a commercial low-cost narrow line-width laser module
  • Develop a business strategy to commercialize the intellectual property for the QKD demonstrator

The demonstrator is developed by DTU, Cryptomathic and Zybersafe. The cost reduction potential by photonic integration is investigated by AU, and implemented as a laser-module prototype by NKT Photonics. The QKD demonstrator will be evaluated by the Danish National Metrology Institute and field-tested with Danske Bank and Energinet in two complementary use-cases.